Bill Maher BASHES Elizabeth Warren: She was crazy in the way she wanted to vet her Secretary of Education

HBO’s Bill Maher this weekend bashed Elizabeth Warren over her crazy idea to have her education secretary vetted by, and give veto power over that pick to, a transgender teenager.
His comments came after Warren pledged to allow an unidentified "young trans person" to veto her pick for leading the Education Department.
"Now, [former President Barack] Obama said people just don't want crazy stuff," Maher said during Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher."
"Is this not crazy stuff?" he said, while also jokingly asking if Warren was running to serve as "President of Berkeley."
Prior to those comments, Maher was discussing Warren's and Sen. Bernie Sanders' candidacies for the Democratic nomination. Maher said that he's "always liked" Warren, but "she kind of [...] did some stuff I didn't like," he said, before discussing Warren's comments about the Education Secretary.
During a campaign event in Iowa Sunday, Warren laid out her decision.
"A young trans person [had] asked about a welcoming community and I said, 'It starts with the Secretary of Education, who has a lot to do with where we spend our money' ... and I said, 'I'm going to have a Secretary of Education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf,'" Warren said.
She added that "only if this person believes that our Secretary of Education nominee is committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment and a full educational curriculum for everyone, will that person be advanced to actually be Secretary of Education."
It's unclear who exactly Warren was referring to, but a 9-year-old who identifies as transgender previously asked Warren what she would do in her "first week as president to make sure kids like me feel safer in school." The child then asked, “And what do you think schools should do better so that I don’t have to worry about anything but my homework?”
Maher called it “crazy” on his show on Friday, but only because it a thousand percent is. “Is she running for president of Berkeley?” he said? That’s a great question. But of course, the left thinks HE is crazy for saying that. More on that after the clip. Watch:
“I always worry when this stuff happens. I would say there is only two teams now. Everything that happens on the left goes into the “blue bin.” You’re the party of this bullshit. You might be asked about this. Elizabeth Warren. What if she’s the candidate? What do you think,” he said to his guests. “Letting a high school student, forget the transgender part, a high school student have veto power over the cabinet? Good idea?”
Let’s here add the usual Maher caveat that he’s a rabid, Trump-despising, Christian-hating leftist. I point this out not to protect his or our reputation, but to head off at the pass the usual folks who don’t seem to get the point of posting about Bill Maher. The reason is two-fold. To show that there are some things too stupid even for the left, and because left-on-left violence is always helpful.
But let me back up on “too stupid even for the left,” because that doesn’t apply to everyone. The woke liberal gasbag for Mediaite flipped out on Maher because being woke means you have to say that a teenager deciding who is the best person for a job like education secretary is somehow a GREAT idea as long as that kid is confused about their gender and biology and genetics. Makes perfect sense.
He said that “Maher and a bunch of conservative bigots” are flipping out, called Maher a “a hostile proven bigot,” and a “lost cause”, and bashed the guests for not burning Maher at the stake and roasting marshmallows over the smoldering husk.
So really the point here is that it doesn’t matter how committed you are as a Democrat or a leftist. If you don’t enthusiastically sign on to every insane idea from every pandering, lying weirdo like Warren, then you might as well be Donald Trump in their eyes.
Maher says this kind of crazy is what tanks Democrats. He sees that as a bad thing, but in truth, it’s not just great for America, it’s great for the eventual return to reality and sanity that must inevitably reassert itself in the world. The nuts have to be exposed.