Andrew McCarthy says McConnell should not let them get away with Trump impeachment trial

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans should not let them get away with it. No trial court would allow itself to be whipsawed this way. A federal judge would tell prosecutors to go back to the grand jury, finish the investigation, and come back to the trial court when they have a case ready to be tried, not investigated.
That is not to say new evidence may not be serious. It may be very serious. It could make the case worse for President Trump. But in any event, there should be just one trial, and it should occur when the investigation is complete.
This is not supposed to be a non-stop grand jury, with an ever-hovering prospect of new articles of impeachment, in addition to an endless stream of newly emerging materials that the Senate is expected to sort out rather than judge.
Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans should hold the two pending articles in abeyance, or vote to dismiss them without prejudice to the House’s re-voting them when its impeachment inquiry is finally concluded.
McCarthy says the House wants McConnell to allow the grand jury to continue during the impeachment trial. But he says a federal judge would never allow something like this to happen while the trial is ongoing and that McConnell shouldn’t allow it either.
Note that McCarthy calling the new impeachment information ‘unripe’ means that it’s really nothing new.
Ari Fleischer came on next and discussed the new information, saying essentially what McCarthy implied, that this new info doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t really already know: